Nature is a unique treasure. I love to be outdoors – I am passionate about skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, and hiking. I love to work as a designer and trend forecaster
in the global sports industry – an industry that is deeply connected to nature.

Struggling hard for more responsibility and sustainability both in society and in the sports and textile industry has been my my challenge over the last years. Sports brands love to show their products in beautiful almost pristine landscapes – at the same time mainly our manufacturing systems have a huge negative impact on the Blue Planet. The most essential base for our business is damaged to a large extent. Who wants to swim or surf in the „Great Plastic Garbage Patch“? Who wants to go for a hiking tour in burned down forests?

The sports and textile industry must be trailblazers for a responsible and sustainable economy. We are sports people, we love challenges: Sustainability – all in!

© Nora Kühner