Today Nora Kuehner’s work is mainly centred around trend forecasting and creative consultancy. A creator in every respect, she loves to think beyond the conventional. In her lectures she shows how and why socio-cultural shifts, scientific advances and technological innovation influence
the evolution of sport and textile.

A short review
After her studies at the renowned Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode in Munich (Germany), Nora Kuehner immersed herself deeply into the world of sport and design. For many years she has been committed to develop sportswear collections. Working for many well-known international brands in the fields of ski, golf, tennis, soccer and fitness has been both challenge and inspiration. The comprehensive experiences she made form a stable and substantial basis for further professional challenges.

With the beginning of the new millennium Nora Kuehner decided to start anew – new topics like crossover design, sustainability and digitalization were looming on the horizon. In the following years she designed swimwear and beach fashion, took a close look to the traditional clothing in the Alps, too, to develop it in a contemporary way, and refined fabrics with innovative quilting designs. She entered the stages of major trade fairs to deliver her first trend speeches – the thrilling start of a new phase in her professional career.

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