Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Time: 11:00 am (CET)

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Living with the pandemic has shifted priorities and values.
A growing awareness for the fragility both of humans and
nature goes hand in hand with the yearning for protection.
Colors reflect a sense of reassuring strength and positivity.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

I accepted with great pleasure the invitation to speak at the
renowned NEXT TEXTILE 2020 event organized by Marketplace Boras.
I presented my brand-new paper on BEYOND CONSUMPTION.

Facing the poor resilience of the textile industry in unsure times like
these, it is obvious that we have to revamp our system and
structures. The overarching question is: What can we do right at the
intersection of the planet´s needs, people´s lives and textile
business? Product offers have to be relevant and valuable, hence
critical thinking and experimental boldness have to be the
backbone of future-oriented product development.

“A brilliant paper by Nora, she stretches the thought process in the
right way! If everyone followed her guidance – the world of textile
design would be a better place.”

Charles Ross, specialist in Performance Sportswear Design &
Sustainable Matters FRSA

How to do prototyping across continents in times overshadowed
by the pandemic? Due to the restrictions of caused by Covid-19,
there was no chance for Masterclass to do a physical workshop for
the development of case studies as we used to do in the previous
years. So we decided to check out what could be done virtually.
We called for students who would like to join in for such an online
experience guided by my my colleague Cornelia Sievers and me.
Yes, we are still at work – the 6 international participants came up
with amazing concepts and we look now forward to receiving the
prototypes by beginning of 2021.

Thanks to Anna Vasileva, Caroline Schaer, Jason Chang, Mei Sze Tsang,
Nicole Kaminska, and Philip Groenberg for their dedicated commitment
in this first ever Masterclass prototyping workshop!

© Nora Kühner