The launching edition of the ISPO Academy Masterclass at ISPO
Munich 2016 marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between
ISPO Munich and Nora Kühner. The unique intermediate workshop
established itself quickly as a recognized future-oriented bridge between
creative minds, the sports industry and retail.

Masterclass 2016 – 2020 | Key factors and distinguishing features

International & Diverse
138 participants
19 design schools and universities
13 countries | 4 continents

Cross-Disciplinary Exchange & Teamwork
Masterclass is no competition. We believe in collaborative processes –
across diverse cultures and multiple disciplines. Working as groups, the
participants define fresh design approaches and shape future-proof
concepts and product ideas.

Professionality & High Expertise
A challenging conception, innovative tasks, lectures given by
international experts from the sports sector and the curated guided
tour during the ISPO show provide top-level insights into the
multifaceted and fascinating world of sports.

“The ISPO Academy Masterclass
is pioneering the way to inspire
the next generation of designers,
developers and creators; there is
no other program which delivers
such an immersive, accelerated
and relevant experience.

ISPO Academy Masterclass is a
direct connection to the future
of the industry.”

Graeme Raeburn, Performance Director
The Raeburn Studio (UK)


The class brought new conversation and thoughts to me that I would otherwise
have not discovered. I am so grateful to have met such a range of people and for
each speaker that you organised for us to hear from, I learnt so much that I am
able to bring back to the RCA and to aid my future work.

Eleana Burrows, Royal College of Art (UK), participant of Masterclass@ISPO Munich 2020


I had really high expectations for the Masterclass but the result exceeded my
expectations at all. It was the first time I experienced real teamwork of designers.
All discussed themes were very global which encouraged us to think creatively
and anew. It was most inspiring and motivating for me that not only the work
we can finally see is the crucial thing, but the initial consideration and thinking
about the problem which is the lead role of designers.

I would recommend Masterclass to everyone!!!

Jana Kroulíková, Technical University of Liberec (CZ), participant of Masterclass@ISPO Munich 2020


I wish to thank you, Nora, for these wonderful and inspiring days of the Masterclass
workshop. You and the discussions provided lots of food for thoughts and made
a strong impact on my thinking. Thanks, too, for the energy and true passion which
you invest in the workshop and us students.

Ellen J. Müller, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University (DE), participant of Masterclass@OutDoor by ISPO 2019


Thank you so much for ISPO Academy Masterclass – it was truly a life changing event.

Jonas Sackey, London College of Fashion (UK), participant of Masterclass@OutDoor by ISPO 2019


ISPO Academy Masterclass has been a very unique experience –
to come together with young designers and students from all over the world
and work on projects that are outside of the boundaries and what we have
experienced/been taught so far.

I can’t express how inspiring it is for a young designer to see the industry from
the inside, talk about the future of design and the shift to sustainability. The talks
and meetings we had provided also great insights into the latest innovations
in the industry – something that is unfortunately not being taught at school
or covered at work. I think both me and my classmate Rob got back to London
with a different perspective on the design of the future,
thank you sincerely for that!

Anna Vasilieva, London College of Fashion (UK), participant of Masterclass@ISPO Munich 2019

© Nora Kühner