Since 2017 the 5-day Follow-Up Workshop is a standard part of the
pioneering Masterclass Project. A prototyping sprint brings ideas to life,
selected concepts are transformed into working case studies.

The innovative ideas and case studies developed in the Masterclass
workshops are far ahead of the mainstream in the sport sector. The
participants explore socio-cultural currents and dive deeply into material
issues and technology. They lead the way to future and open up new
perspectives to neighbouring sectors in design and fashion.

The presentations of the case studies at the Masterclass booths at
ISPO Munich 2019, OutDoor by ISPO 2019 and ISPO Munich 2020
proved to be true eyecatchers and attracted an overwhelming
number of enthusiastic industry practitioners from all over the world.

Grateful thanks to all participants
and partners for their passionate
commitment, support and
encouragement over the years.

It is by this support that
Masterclass gathers constantly
momentum and evolves at
a broad international level.

Supporters | fabrics & accessories
Brugnoli, Fidlock, Freudenberg, Hyperbola, Nilit, Polyfill, Regine IQtrim,
Rosset, Schoeller, Shepherd, Singtex, Sympatex, Taiwan Taffeta, Taubert,
Tollegno, Wideplus, YKK

Thanks to Fashion School Sigmaringen (Germany) for being a wonderful
and most generous host in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

© Nora Kühner