Driven by never ending curiosity, Nora Kuehner calls herself a collector
of observations, pictures and thoughts. With the daily overload of
imagery and information in mind, she focuses on a clear goal: to envision
reliable & concise inspiration for the season.

never stands

Conceptualization and
careful analysis form the
base for Nora Kuehner´s
approach to relevant colour and
trend forecasting.

PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kuehner were launched in April 2016 as
a cooperation project between PERFORMANCE DAYS and Nora Kuehner.

Just like PERFORMANCE DAYS, the colour forecast is presented twice a year.
Starting with the season winter 2019/20 the color card is available as
an exclusive free-of-charge service for the PERFORMANCE DAYS community.

Extensive research is the basis of this forecast. Together with an international
team of renowned designers, all deeply rooted in sports, Nora Kuehner
explores and analyses ongoing and emerging trends and their socio-cultural
context. The team believes in the evolution of colours and trends from season
to season. The colour selection reflects this holistic approach: 6-7 colour
stories are created framing the season´s focus topic.

The digital colour forecast package of PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kuehner
comes in two parts: part one is the early colour information and part two the
e-magazine. The early colour information is available about 10 days after the
relevant seasonal kickoff at PERFORMANCE DAYS. Approx. 8 weeks after the fair
the e-magazine (provided as PDF file, too) complements the early colour
information file by a detailed overview of the background story, hints to fabric
textures & surfaces and inspiration for colour combinations and graphics.

PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kuehner is both a source of inspiration and
a pragmatic tool for product development. All selected colours are specified by
the codes of four leading colour reference systems: Archroma, Coloro, DyStar CSI
and Pantone. Thanks to DyStar CSI the forecast features the light and washing
fastness of the single colours as additional information, too.

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